Accessing oral healthcare


Healthcare services

On this page you can find information on how to access oral health care, such as online service channels, telephone numbers, forms, and instructions for cancelling an appointment.

You can access the oral healthcare services at Vantaa and Kerava wellbeing services county in non-urgent situations. You can contact us whenever and wherever through our online service channels or by giving us a call. In urgent matters, please always contact us by phone.

Contacting us

Dental care is always by appointment. You can book an appointment by phone or by submitting a contact request through the Maisa portal. The need for treatment and its urgency is always assessed by an oral healthcare professional.

In urgent matters (pain and first aid), please contact urgent care (in Finnish).

On this page you can find out more about online service channels.

Online services

You can use online services to:

  • contact an oral healthcare professional
  • check when your appointment is
  • cancel an appointment
  • complete questionnaires and forms
  • send feedback on the healthcare you receive
  • check the due date of an invoice
  • send attachments.

Booking an appointment online is currently possible for young children (1, 3 and 5 years) and adolescents (17 years) who have received an invitation for a periodic check-up.

In urgent matters, please contact urgent care (in Finnish).

Cancelling an appointment

Please remember to cancel your appointment if you're unable to attend.

If you're over 18 years and you don't cancel your appointment, you will be charged 51.50 € if you don't show up.

Cancel your appointment:

  • by cancelling it in the Maisa-portal
  • by calling us at 09 4191 2020 (available 24 hours a day, with the possibility to cancel by voice message)
  • you can move or cancel an orthodontics appointment by calling us on weekdays at 7:30–15 at 09 4191 2030


Welcome to your remote consultation

The oral healthcare services at Vantaa and Kerava wellbeing services county also offer care remotely via video link. A remote consultation via video link makes easier and quicker to access care, especially in situations where it is difficult to make it to a regular appointment, for some reason.

We currently offer remote consultations for the following services:

  • periodic check-ups for 1-year-olds
  • health care guidance for families expecting their first child
  • oral health advice and guidance for all ages

Learn more about remote consultations (in Finnish)


Acting on behalf of someone else

To act on behalf of someone else you need written consent. You can give or withdraw written consent online in the Maisa portal or in writing at a social and healthcare service unit.

Written consent is required to act on behalf of another adult (such as a spouse or elderly parent).

At the moment, guardians can use the Maisa-portal on behalf of all their dependants under the age of 18. When using Maisa on behalf of a child under 12, the guardian can see all the sections and functions in the portal. When using Maisa on behalf of a 12–17-year-old child, some sections and functions in Maisa are not available.

You can find more information in the social and health services’ section on acting on behalf of someone else (in Finnish).

Preliminary information questionnaires for dental care

Make your visit to the dental health services quicker by completing the preliminary information questionnaire. Print it and bring it with you to the dental clinic.

You can also complete the questionnaire online in the Maisa portal.

Note! Translations of the preliminary information questionnaires will be added to the website as soon as possible.


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